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الرئيسية - المنتجات - Varuna - 3” OIL FILLED SUBMERSIBLE


Varuna Submersible Motors are manufactured as per IS: 8034 Standard. These sturdy and robust submersible motors are made using advanced technology.
All parts are manufactured and fitted precisely using CNC machine that imparts excellent mechanical strength and reliability. The electrical design of Varuna Oil-filled Motors has been done with enamel winding to improve efficiency and reduce electrical consumption.

Salient Features
• Easily rewindable
• Electrical design of the motor is done with enamel winding to improve efficiency and reduce electrical consumption.
• The motor is filled with food grade insulating oil which lubricates the bearings and improves thermal conductivity to reduce chance of burning.
• Oil-filled motor is available in capacitor start and run design.
• Dynamically Balancing Rotating part to ensure minimum noise and vibration-free operation.
• Oil-filled motor fitted with anti-friction pre-lubricated angular contact bearings suitable for axial/radial load and longer life of motor.
• Electrical design that lowers power consumption.
• Superior designed Nory impellers and diffusers give higher hydraulic performance and greater efficiency and provide higher resistance against wear and tear through sand and other impurities.
• Stainless steel strainer prevents particles over a certain size from entering the pump.
• Pumps are available with non-return valve to reduce the backpressure of water when they are switched off.
• Impeller and Bowl are accurately machined by CNC machine to ensure high dimension accuracy.
• Rubber bush and SS hard chrome sleeve increase wear-resistance against sand.
• Lightweight, compact and robust construction design.
• Sprinkler and drip irrigation
• Civil and industries
• Firefighting system
• Agriculture